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Mount Pleasant Resident David Julie Talks About the Election and How it Affects the Area

Check out the video above to see what Mount Pleasant resident David Julie had to say about why this election matters and the issues that face the Mount Pleasant/Columbia Heights community as well as DC as a whole.

Does Fenty Needs A Fourth Quarter Miracle?

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Strategists close to the Democratic Primary said on Monday that DC Mayor Adrian Fenty appears headed for his first political loss in Tomorrow's Mayoral primary.

DC Council Chairman Vincent Gray is leading Fenty is every poll with numbers that range from 7 points to 17 points in the Washington Post Poll.

Gray on Wednesday said he was ignoring poll numbers and concentrating on getting people to the polling places on Tuesday. He said his volunteers and calling people and knocking on doors.

Mayor Fenty says he is confident of a come from behind win. Campaigning at Dupont Circle today Fenty said since the polls were released voters have begun to examine their records and conclude that he is the most competent.

DC Mayoral Primary Grinds To A Close

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- The final evening of a mayoral primary campaign that has become a referendum on the leadership of incumbent Adrian Fenty saw Fenty and chief challenger, City Council Chairman Vincent Gray, making a final appeal for votes across the city.

Gray, planning to stop campaigning in time to catch at least some of a network football game, met commuters at a SW METRO station saying his campaign has become far more than a vehicle for an anti-Fenty vote. Poll show him with a comfortable lead, prompting reporters to ask if a victory Tuesday means he won instead of meaning Fenty lost.

"Certainly I would like to think that I won. We've heard people in many instances talk about anybody but Fenty, we'll vote for another candidate.

Officer Shoots Dog During Adams Morgan Day

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- As thousands walked past, DC Police investigated an active crime scene, but what transpired here has some residents stunned and horrified.

What is clear is that two dogs, both on leashes, got in a fight on an 18th Street sidewalk. A police officer intervened, tossed one of the dogs down a stairwell and fired his gun.

"People were in utter shock. Shock that a police officer would shoot a dog in a crowd of people. It just seems insane," said resident Robin Bell.

Charles Planck, also a resident, says, "It's a little dangerous to be firing guns in a crowd of 10,000 people. Also if you look at the space where they shot the gun, that bullet could ricochet anywhere."

The owner of the dog, Aaron Block, says "He bit a poodle on the foot. Dogs bite each other. It wasn't a major altercation. I broke it up. I was in the process of subduing him when the canine cop came and threw him down in that basement"

Mayoral Race Becomes Referendum On Incumbent

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Only days are left before a DC election day that will decide who leads the city for the next four years, an election that has come down to a referendum on whether the youngest mayor in Washington's history can keep his job.

The polls say the answer is no; suggesting Adrian Fenty's personality has alienated the city's Black population even as that population concedes the city has gotten better in some ways under his administration.

Poll Leader, City Council Chairman Vincent Gray is trying not to bobble his lead in the final days of the campaign. Fenty is scrambling to catch up.

Both men appeared Friday on the Politics Program With Mark Plotkin on WTOP Radio, making little news as each tried to say anything that would hurt them on election day.

Cleveland Park Giant to Move Forward with Redevelopment Project

We received this note from Giant Food Headquarters regarding the Giant in Cleveland Park.

Giant Food of Landover, Md. today announced plans to move forward with redevelopment of its Wisconsin Avenue site, which will be anchored by a new and expanded approximate 56,000-square-foot Giant supermarket.  The new mixed-use project, Cathedral Commons, will be a vibrant focal point of the neighborhood to include retail shops, restaurants, commercial and residential space, and open plazas. 


Car Crashes into Adams Morgan Restaurant

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Police say the woman responsible for crashing her vehicle into two pedestrians in Adams Morgan Wednesday night was under the influence of alcohol.

Two women were badly injured when a car jumped the curb of a pedestrian island at 18th Street and Florida Avenue, NW, struck them, and then crashed into a nearby restaurant.

According to court papers, Chamica Adams blew a .17 and a .18 blood alcohol level after hitting two pedestrians and crashing her car in Adams Morgan. The accident happened at about 8:45 when the car appeared to swerve to avoid an oncoming vehicle. Witnesses say that is when Adams lost control and hit the women.