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Could Biking Under The Influence Become An Issue for Capital Bikeshare? | People

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Could Biking Under The Influence Become An Issue for Capital Bikeshare?
Could Biking Under The Influence Become An Issue for Capital Bikeshare?

The Capital Bikeshare program is spreading across D.C. rapidly, as more and more people are taking part in the rent-a-bike system. 

Bikeshare offers its user the opportunity to rent bicycles at various stations throughout D.C. and Arlington, and subsequently return them to any other station in the area.

And while Bikeshare seems to be having great success thus far, and there really don’t seem to be many negatives to the program, could one crop up in the form of biking while intoxicated?

“The Capital Bikeshare user agreement explicitly prohibits members from operating a bicycle while under the influence of any alcohol, drugs, or other substance that may impair a user's ability to safely operate a Capital Bikeshare bicycle,” John Lisle of the District Department of Transportation(DDOT) and Capital Bikeshare wrote in an e-mail.  “We will investigate any prohibited acts that are brought to our attention via a police report.”

As the program continues to grow, though, and more Bikeshare stations are offered closer to bars, one has to wonder if biking while intoxicated will increase.

One Foggy Bottom resident and Capital Bikeshare member, who requested to remain anonymous, admitted he has used the program under the influence of alcohol on more than one occasion.

“Having bike access 24/7 is great,” The man said.  “While I have used it a few times intoxicated, I know it is at my own risk.  Biking drunk allows me to get home fast and on the cheap.  Luckily, D.C.'s roads are bike friendly and I can ride safely from anywhere in the city.”

Lisle affirmed that some users might use Capital Bikeshare after drinking, but that DDOT doesn’t believe it’s a widespread issue.

“We understand that some prohibited acts may occur,” Lisle wrote.  “But they are probably in the minority.”

Check out the video above to see what other Capital Bikeshare users had to say about the issue of biking while intoxicated.

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