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Uprooted Trees Cause Power Outages, Disruptions And Mess | News

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Uprooted Trees Cause Power Outages, Disruptions And Mess

WASHINGTON, DC (wusa) -- While crews worked to cut down a massive tree on Ingomar and Nebraska Avenue, PEPCO was repairing the wires it brought down.

"It was like a sudden, big, loud bang," said Bob Hagherty.

Although Hagherty lives only a few houses down from the downed tree, the power outage did not affect him as it did others in the neighborhood.

On South Dakota and 10th street, there were more problems with yet another stormy summer day. DC Fire Department put out a fire when wires were burning on a tree.

Lieutenant Jimmy Seavy told us, " What was unusual about this is when the breaker blew, some shrapnel flew off and it went off a windshield of a car coming down on South Dakota."

Lt. Seavy explained, ground saturation has caused plenty of uprooted trees to tip over and damage property. A big tree fell on a car on the 1600 block of Hobart and another on 20th Street in Woodley Park.

Homeowner, John Haymaker was stunned and upset to see the tree crews chopped up on Ingomar road, left on his front porch.

"Why here? I think they could have done a better job," Haymaker told us.

He did manage to make it inside his home after walking down the alley and entering through his back door.

Written by Alex Trevino
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