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Lets Be Real: Lets pick a new name for your Football team | News

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Lets Be Real: Lets pick a new name for your Football team

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- So even if the Redskins owner Dan Snyder agreed to change the team name today, that would just start another big argument over what the new name ought to be.

That is unless Snyder is smart enough to let me have my way.

Because while some may think the best new name oughta just be an inoffensive version of the old name like, the warriors or the pigskins--Please!!  I say break the freakin' mold--Go with something completely unheard of. Imagine if you will the Capitol Onslaught. I know, its more an idea than a tangible thing but the dictionary calls an onslaught  a fierce or destructive attack. The very definition of winning football. Too much testosterone for you?Okay, how about the Washington Justice? powerful, majestic, she's even got a sword.  Now she's also blind, which I will admit, could make for embarrassing headlines in a losing season. So how about this, The DC Juggernaut?  Turns out the juggernaut is actually the name of marvel comics superguy, whose basic power is: Once he starts running he can't be stopped. 

Imagine this guy on the side of your helmet. And Dan Snyder imagine the marketing possibilities. Now some of you are thinking, those names suck. Fair enough. But the current name sucks too and for a lot more reasons. Its just that after so many years you're really really used to it. But its past time we got used to something new -something better because Lets Be Real--the only thing harder to stop than the Juggernaut, is an idea whose time has come.