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Best Sandwich I've Ever: Adams Morgan/Mount Pleasant

Best Sandwich I've Ever: Adams Morgan/Mount Pleasant

It's Friday and it's hot, so let's just talk food.

My go to sandwich when I am around the Mount Pleasant area is the barbacoa torta at Pica Taco on Columbia Road.

Pica Taco, which has two locations, one over on Florida Avenue near U Street, as well as the Columbia Road location in between Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant, has all kinds of good Mexican fare.

To me, though, their barbacoa torta sandwich stands out.

The torta is so, so good.

First, the bread gets a nice smear of refried beans and is toasted briefly on a taco press.  

Next, the sandwich is stacked with lettuce, tomato, delicious avocado, and incredibly flavorful slow-cooked, shredded beef.  Other toppings include cheese, mayo, and hot sauce.

Could You Eat This?

Check out the video above which features Jose Tobar of Pica Taco talking about the restaurant's monthly contest.  

Pica Taco, which is located at 1629 Columbia Road NW and 1406 Florida Avenue NW, will host the event again on July 30th at the Florida Avenue location.

If you are brave enough, stop into the eatery and sign your name up for the challenge!


$2 Happy Hour At Clyde's

$2 Happy Hour At Clyde's

Check out this great deal in Friendship Heights via Metromix: $2 Happy Hour at Clyde's.


"Enjoy $2 rail drinks and drafts every Thursday night," Metromix writes.  "The crowd mostly consists of recent AU grads and seniors with a few local young professionals thrown into the mix. "

For more info, visit Metromix's page.

You've Got To See How This Guy Eats Hamburgers

Check out this video of “Furious" Pete Czerwinski at today's Z-Burger burger eating competition.

Czerwinski, who was the three-time defending champion at Z-Burger, ate a truly disgusting amount of hamburgers in the 10 minute round.

After it was determined that he and Dale Boone had tied, 



Czerwinski won first place via a one-minute eat-off(you can watch that in its entirety in the video).

Watch the video above to see Pete before and after the eating session, as well as footage from him stuffing his face with burgers at the event itself.

Check out all the hilarious photos from the event in our slideshow as well!


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This story comes to us from Angie Meltsner:

Owner Of Rogue States in Dupont Says Burger Shop Will Re-Open Later This Month Under New Name

Owner Of Rogue States in Dupont Says Burger Shop Will Re-Open Later This Month Under New Name

Rogue States, the late-night burger shop located at 1300 Connecticut Avenue that shut down "temporarily" last October, is on the verge of finally re-opening its doors in the coming weeks under the name “Black and Orange”, according to the restaurant’s chef and owner Raynold Mendizabal.

“We are shooting to re-open the last week of June,” Mendizabal said.  “We're doing some renovation of the vent, so that might go wrong (and delay it) one day or two, but the target right now is the last week of June, and we're driving hard for that.”

Tackle Box In Cleveland Park Holds Grand Opening Event


This story comes to us from Dannia Hakki: