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Wisconsin Avenue Giant soon to become a Reality—Demolition to Begin Late Summer

Wisconsin Avenue Giant soon to become a Reality—Demolition to Begin Late Summer

After many long years of small community resistance, and another case of “Not in My Back Yard” politicking, the Cathedral Commons, which will include a more expansive grocery store, shopping options, residential housing, and an enlivened streetscape, will soon become a reality. 

Giant has not yet selected a developer or general contractor for the project but they have several proposals and will make a selection within the next few months.  The construction of the new buildings is expected to begin in the fall.

Unfortunately, the existing stores have to shut down.  The barber's sign says he's leaving at the end of this month and some tenants, like Sullivan’s, have been extended until June.

Don't Let the Traffic Grinch Steal Your Holiday Shopping Cheer!

Don't Let the Traffic Grinch Steal Your Holiday Shopping Cheer!

Ahhh….the holiday season is upon us again, replete with its many joys: rosy-cheeked, smiling children, twinkling lights, the smell of baking cookies, the opportunity to dress your dog like a reindeer and tell all your friends that “he really likes it.” But it also carries just a wee bit of stress. There’s the baking of said cookies, hanging the pretty lights, travel plans, menus, and, of course, shopping. Lots and lots of shopping.

Is Your Facial Adding More Stress to Your Life?

Is Your Facial Adding More Stress to Your Life?

There is no better way to get that stress off your face than a facial.  So why with so many places right here in the Nation’s Capitol, can the wrong decision cause more stress?   It may be those "unwanted extras"….medical professionals may call it Erysipelas, which is a skin infection caused by streptococcal bacteria; I call it "an expensive reason why I don’t go to spas.”  It is amazing how many spas this bacteria has made its home in!  Luckily, Patsy, owner of Patsy's Nail Bar, educated me on "spa sanitation," and armed me with some key questions we should all be asking before we subject ourselves to a potential Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.) or even a Washington, D.C "health violation":


Bizarre, Seemingly Unsanitary Bathroom at 7-Eleven on 19th Street in NW

Let me preface this story, as well as these photos, by saying that I kind of feel bad posting this, simply because the people at the 7-Eleven were so nice to me when I went in yesterday.  I'm not a bad person, and I do appreciate the fact that they let me use their facilities even though I wasn't a customer, but what I saw needs to be seen.

It was around lunch time, and I was headed to Dupont Circle and needed to use a bathroom. So, upon seeing the recently opened 7-Eleven on 19th Street, I ducked into the convenience store and asked an employee if I could use the restroom even though I had no intention of purchasing an item.

He said, very kindly I might add, that I could and pointed me to the back of the store.  I opened the door to the bathroom and was taken aback.

The room was packed with trash and recycling bins, as well as containers that the store used to carry its products.  Had I entered the trash room by accident?  Nope.

Cleveland Park Giant to Move Forward with Redevelopment Project

We received this note from Giant Food Headquarters regarding the Giant in Cleveland Park.

Giant Food of Landover, Md. today announced plans to move forward with redevelopment of its Wisconsin Avenue site, which will be anchored by a new and expanded approximate 56,000-square-foot Giant supermarket.  The new mixed-use project, Cathedral Commons, will be a vibrant focal point of the neighborhood to include retail shops, restaurants, commercial and residential space, and open plazas.