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Photo Gallery | Ocopa: the new Peruvian treat in DC

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- OK, full disclosure right off the top, one of the owners of Ocopa in DC is a friend of mine. That's the only reason I went out to try the food at the new restaurant. 

I must tell you however, I soon as I walked in I felt the atmosphere invite me in. The lighting, the music, the open kitchen and the wall art were all visually and aesthetically pleasing.

"With a seasonal array of the freshest fish and flavorful rotisserie meats, the menu is local and accessible.  There is no guessing here when it comes to what you are eating or where it comes from- the daily menu of fresh fish is displayed upon your arrival.   Ocopa’s  hydroponics  system provides  the  freshest  ingredients  that  are“home grown” to ensure the highest of quality standards.  The seasonal menu is rich in tradition, featuring such Peruvian dishes as maki, tiradito, causa and cebiche," Ocopa's owners said in a news release. 

I had the peppered sirloin dish and the flavors were intense and fantastic. I'm a bit of a food snob and I don't like restaurant food because I cook at home a lot. This beef tasted just like I made it, which is exactly how I like it. 

Carlos Delgado is Ocopa's hot, young chef, who likes to experiment with flavor. 

Delgado was born in Peru and he's as authentic as they come. A few times I tried to get his attention at the opening, to ask him a few questions. He was so focused on his work, he didn't really ever look up from the food. 

 "Ocopa  is  not  only  an  opportunity  to  enjoy  authentic  Peruvian  cuisine,  it  is  an opportunity to watch and taste first hand, the incredible talent of this young chef. Carlos  Delgado  refers  to  what  he  does  as  “cooking”  and most  geniuses  in  the kitchen do.  However, don’t underestimate what to expect on the menu at Ocopa.  If Carlos is in the kitchen, impeccable cuisine will be on your plate," Ocopa's execs said in a statement to the media. 

I suggest you try it out, especially if you like fresh seafood, including ceviche and octopus. 

Ocopa is located at 1324 H Street, NE, in Washington, DC