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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS: Gourmet Mini Market, "Sugar Magnolia", Opens In Cleveland Park

Take a look at these absurdly delicious looking sweets that will be offered up at Sugar Magnolia, a gourmet mini market that has been opened by the owners of Ripple in Cleveland Park.

“The vision for Sugar Magnolia involved extending the Ripple experience by expanding our daily menu to items that could be eaten on the go, at home or during visits to the nearby zoo,” said owner, Roger Marmet. “Chefs Alison Reed and Logan Cox elevate simple foods by staying true to Ripple’s commitment to source local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients to make high-quality products. Now some of Ripple’s signature items are available on the run.”

Ripple will serve a variety of all-natural ice cream sandwiches, like the Waffle Cookie with Maple Bacon Ice Cream and the Ripple Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Malt Ice Cream, as well as artisanal sandwiches, and house made baked goods.

The market will be open from 11:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. daily.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Sugar Magnolia.  

How can you not be excited about MAPLE BACON ICE CREAM!?!?